The Kikendaasogamig Elementary School provides education for Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 students in our community. We strive to offer quality education to enable our students to become successful First Nation community members and global lifelong learners. In partnering with the community and parents we provide the best of our teachings and language to aid our students in developing Anishinaabe Pride. We offer Ojibway language classes and take measures to incorporate cultural education in our school. We also have various mainstream special education programs. In addition, we also provide a "Daily Breakfast" program and a "Hot Lunch" program for the winter months.

Debbie Chegahno
tel 519.534.0719
fax 519.534.1592

Gr. 7-8 Teacher
Mathew Eckert

Gr. 5-6 Teacher
Kyle Smith

Gr. 3-4 Teacher
Kerri Catley

Gr. 1-2 Teacher
Andrew Nadjiwan

Kindergarten Teacher
Sara Judges

Special Education Resource Teacher
Diana Millar

Educational Assistants 
Paula Keeshig, Sandra Lavalley, Patrick King, Brianna Jones, and Greg Millar

Educational Assistant - Trainee(s)
Kyanna Keeshig and Keshia Keeshig

Nawash Curriculum Writer
Kevin Kuipers

Ojibway Language Resource Teachers
Chastity Jenner - Keeshig

School Secretary
Marylynne Pedoniquotte

Dora Chegahno

Bus Contractor
CWright Transportation - Kikendaasogamig Elementary School Routes (Neyaashiinigmiing)

Kikendaasogamig Elementary School
45 Farm Road.
Neyaashiinigmiing, ON
N0H 2T0