1860- The first schools are the No 1. School, across from the RC church, the Sydney Bay school and the little red school in Little Port Elgin.

1904- The teaching order of the Daughters of Mary arrive to teach at the No 1. School.(St.Mary’s)

1913- The girls band was formed.

1957- With inadequate class space for increasing numbers of students, the parents of the St Mary’s school petitioned the Indian Department for a new school. The department gave them a prefabricated room and a promise to build a new school in the near future.

1964- A new school is constructed for the United Church students, near dock road,the present day Economic Development Office. It has 3 rooms, a nurse’s clinic and will be the first school on the reserve to have all indoor plumbing.

1965- The Cape Croker Public School was officially opened. The students from the Sydney Bay school and the red school attend this new school. There are 72 students enrolled.

1969- Construction begins on the St Mary’s school, presently named the Cape Croker Elementary School.

1970- The new St Mary’s school is almost complete. It will have all indoor plumbing, 3 large classrooms, a kindergarten room and will be opened later in the year.



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