Nawash Ice Rink Project


We are a volunteer committee working to:
  • build an ice rink facility that is accessible to and meets the needs of our community to improve our people’s overall wellness and sense of well-being.
  • increase capacity for recreation, programming and events.
  • revitalize community spirit and involvement, improving quality of life, increasing skills for resilience.
Project Description
  • 5 Project Phases
  • Refrigerated ice surface with attached changerooms, washrooms, storage and seating.
  • Capable of maintaining ice roughly 5 months/ season (ambient temp <10’C)
  • Ability to transition into other uses (basketball, tennis, events, etc.)
  • Phase 1: Site Preparation **COMPLETE**
    • Level, Drainage, Gravel, Compaction
  • Phase 2: Floor Component, Boards & Glass
    • Cement Pad with piping, boards and glass installed.
  • Phase 3: Chiller/Refrigeration
    • Installation & Training
  • Phase 4: Roof & Structure
    • Roof, Storage, Washrooms, Changerooms
  • Phase 5: Final Touches & Completion
    • Accessories, Seating, Landscaping