Latest Updates

Bathymetric Survey to be Conducted for New WTP

As part of the ongoing development of the new Water Treatment Plant (WTP), engineering firm Monteith and Sutherland will be conducting a bathymetric survey of the Bay near the new WTP location. A bathymetric survey gathers water depth information, as well as the contours of the lake bed. The survey will inform the new WTP’s […]

Board of Education Returns to Regular Office Hours Under New Safety Protocol

Boozhoo and greetings to all, hopefully everyone has had an enjoyable, safe and healthy summer. As we enter into a new/different working routine, there are some updates we would like to share with our community and clients. Effective August 31, 2020, the Board of Education will return to regular office hours, Monday – Friday, 8:30 […]

Safe Use Of The Government Dock At Neyaashiinigmiing

The Neyaashiinigmiing Dock is for use by all community members and community fishermen are welcomed. The following are some principles for safe use of the Government Dock by all.  1.     No welding at dock. 2.     Vehicles may drive onto the dock to service vessels, but please park the vehicles off the dock to allow access for other […]

Council Calls on Community to Help Reduce Litter

The Chief and Council are dismayed at the amount of trash that has started collecting in our common areas. Litter is scattered along our beaches, piling up in our ditches, and spoiling the environment around landmarks like the dock and lighthouse. Garbage can even be found lining popular trails. Discarding trash on the ground, especially […]

Applications Open for CORDA Funding

Applications are open for year 2021-2022 funding under the Canada Ontario Resource Development Agreement (CORDA). CORDA is an agreement between Canada, Ontario and First Nations’ members in Ontario, with the goal of building opportunities for Indigenous people in the development and utilization of natural resources. First Nations, their members and organizations, and Territorial organizations in […]