Surplus Computer Tables Available from Kikendaasogamig

Kikendaasogamig Elementary School is cleaning house and has a number of surplus computer tables free to anyone interested. The tables can be picked up at the school between 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM, on first-come, first-served basis.

Please contact the school secretary Marylynne during business hours for more information, at 519-534-0719.

Ziibaakdakaan Maple Syrup Wins Multiple Top Ten Awards

Nathan Keeshig, Manager of Ziibaakdakaan Maple is proud to announce that the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation have won three top ten finishes in their first ever entry in the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair’s Maple Syrup competition.  Ziibaakdakaan Maple syrup took 7th place in the Amber category, 10th in Golden and 10th in Very Dark. 

 Ziibaakdakaan Maple is owned and operated by the Chippewas of Nawash and is located at the popular Cape Croker Park.  “Ziibakdakaan” is Ojibwe for “sugarbush”.  The Chippewas of Nawash have produced maple syrup for feasting, ceremony and trade at this exact sugar bush location for centuries.  Reviving the cultural practice of syrup making has been a long-held dream for Mr. Keeshig.  Ziibaakdakaan Maple was launched in 2017 and harvests sap from over 4,000 taps.  The business provides employment opportunities for community members, and supports Cape Croker Park in Neyaashiinigmiing, Ontario.  For more information, visit

 “For a new producer in the industry for only three years, it is exciting to see the quality of maple syrup that is produced at Ziibaakdakaan Maple Syrup.   Great achievement in a short period of time” said Bev Campbell, Chair of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Maple Committee.

 Nathan Keeshig credits the hard work of the Cape Croker Park staff, particularly Dave Moyer and “cook” Travis Jones for the awards.  He would also like to acknowledge the support of the Ontario Indigenous Economic Development Program, the Indian Agricultural Program, the Tecumseh Community Development Corporation, and the Canada Ontario Resource Development Agreement (CORDA) for supporting the launch of Ziibaakdakaan Maple. 

 The Royal Winter Fair is the largest indoor agricultural event in the world and maple syrup producers from across Canada and the United States entered this year’s competition.    Cape Croker Park and Ziibaakdakaan Maple were featured by the Indigenous Tourism Ontario at the Royal in 2019 and were encouraged by the Royal staff to enter the Maple Syrup contest this year. 

 Ziibaakdakaan Maple products can be purchased by calling Cape Croker Park at 519-534-0571 or by ordering online at

Visit the Christmas Decorated Path in Cape Croker Park

To safely celebrate the start of the holiday season, the Chippewas of Nawash Native Child Welfare Program is hosting a Community Lights & Activities Festival at the Cape Croker Park. Running from Wednesday, December 2 to Sunday, December 6, the event will be open every evening from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The highlight of the Festival will be the Christmas Decorated Path, a walking tour of seasonal dioramas staged by Band programs and staff.


The Band Office staff, seen above, are already putting their tour de force of lights together! A friendly Christmas competition is brewing between Programs vying for the hotly-contested Best Program Display prize.

There will be door prizes for lucky visitors, as well as the best home-made decoration. Bring your hand-crafted treasure to hang on our Community Christmas Tree!

Special Event Nights

Wednesday, Dec 2: Nawash Youth and LIT will be hosting a free grab-and-go with hot soup, ice cream, maple syrup and hot chocolate!

Friday, Dec 4: Maternal Child Health Program will be giving away hot apple cider to guests!

Saturday, Dec 5: Band Office will be safely hosting Mr. and Mrs. Claus and a candy-bag giveaway.

Sunday, Dec 6 – Drive-through Night: For one night only, on Sunday, December 6, the event will also allow a SLOW drive-through, to accommodate guests with mobility issues. Contact the HCC program if you require transportation. Staff will be present to safely direct traffic and pedestrians.

Getting There

Visitors will enter the Cape Croker Park through the main entrance and carefully follow the road down to the beach camping area parking lot. There will be one entrance in an out of the Christmas Decorated Path.

Guests are asked to observe the three Ws of COVID-19 safety: Watch your distance, Wear a mask, Wash your hands frequently.

Location: Cape Croker Park, beach camping area

Date: December 2-6, 2020

Time: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Employment Opportunity – Housing Manager

The Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation is seeking a qualified Housing Manager. Under the direction of the Band Administrator, the Housing Manager is to provide administration and delivery of an effective, efficient and responsible Housing program in accordance with the CNUFN Housing policy and procedures.

See the Employment Opportunities page for more information and how to apply for this role.

COVID-19 Pandemic Ongoing – Remain Vigilant

We were all relieved by the news that COVID-19 vaccine candidates in development have been shown to be safe and effective, but for now the pandemic remains as much a threat as ever. In Grey Bruce, we have avoided the worst by being diligent about following safety protocols, but there has been a concerning spike in cases in Bruce and Grey Counties recently.

The upward trend in cases reflects what is happening in the rest of Ontario, and Canada. Part of the problem is that we’re moving indoors with cooler weather and so we’re closer together more of the time. Another cause for the rise may be that people are becoming fatigued by the need for constant awareness of COVID-19 guidelines. As cases rise across the country, we cannot afford to let our guard down now. A generally available vaccine is still months away and we must remain vigilant to the risk of widespread COVID-19 spread, particularly in our vulnerable community of Neyaashiinigmiing.

Do your part. Follow the 3 W’s of COVID-19 safety:

  • Wear a mask when indoors or around people not from your household.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Watch your distance and stay at least 2 meters (6 feet) from people not from your household.

Working together, we can keep our family, our friends, our community and ourselves safe until a vaccine is available. Thank you for your strength and patience during this difficult time.

Together with Giigoonyag – Acoustic Telemetry

As part of the Together with Giigoonyag initiative we will be tagging 50 whitefish for the purpose of telemetry at Government Dock and in Nottawasaga Bay beginning this month. Tagged fish will have an easily noticeable external tag and internal transmitter (see image above). If found, a $100 reward will be provided for these fish, their harvest location, and tags. DO NOT sell, trade, or consume the tagged fish. These fish will contain an anesthetic, MS-222, that will remain in their tissue up to a month. It is not safe to consume these fish.

For more information, please contact: Ryan Lauzon at 519-375-1012 or Alexander Duncan at 226-668-5221.

Learn more about the Acoustic Telemetry research.