Species at Risk Survey Taking Place July 10

Neyaashiinigmiing is moving ahead with plans for a new Water Treatment Plant to resolve chronic water quality issues in the community. The proposed site for the new WTP is south-east of the intersection of Wilmer’s Road and Pit Road. As part of the site analysis, a test well has been drilled to monitor ground water levels.  Geotechnical work will also be conducted throughout the Community to identify the soil conditions for the future water treatment plant and water distribution system.

An environmental assessment of the WTP site and distribution area is also underway, which will include species at risk analyses.

On July 10, LGL Environmental will be in Neyaashiinigmiing conducting species at risk surveys for breeding birds in the areas of:

· the new proposed water treatment plant;

· the associated distribution system, in particular two greenfield segments of the distribution system:

· the access route to the proposed water treatment plant (road extension).

A new WTP is urgently needed in our community. As caretakers and children of our Territory, we will ensure that a robust environmental assessment, and appropriate response, is a part of this important project.