Microgreens – Continued

Councillor Sid Nadjiwon has published Part II of his microgreens trilogy. In this episode, Sid demostrates uncovering the sprouts and bringing them into sunlight for finishing. We also get a look at the community garden site being prepared for a new season of growing.

How to Cultivate Microgreens

Councillor Sid Nadjiwon has taken to the big/little screen with a demonstration of how to cultivate nutritious “microgreens” in your own home.

How to Wear a Face Mask

You have started to see face masks become more common as people take action to protect their communities and themselves from the COVID-19 virus. While face masks have a small protective effect when worn by people who are not ill, they are much more effective in preventing the spread of disease when worn by people who are ill. For the sake of caution, many of us are acting as if we have the virus already, and doing whatever we can to avoid spreading it, including wearing face masks. To help, our Community Health Nurse has prepared a useful video on how to properly use a face mask.

Watch in on YouTube.