Cape Croker Park Remains Closed

We have received reports from the Neyaashiinigmiing Police that unauthorized campers have been found in Cape Croker Park, despite the Park closure. The Council is also concerned about the upcoming long weekend and the possibility that we may see campers attempting to access the Park over the holiday weekend.

The COVID-19 pandemic presents ongoing challenges to the safe operation of large public facilities like the Park. The Council and Cape Croker Park management want to remind the public that, in response to the continued risk of COVID-19 transmission, and our desire to delay infection in the community, the Park is completely closed to all patrons until further notice.

Cape Croker Park will not be open during the May Victoria Day long weekend. The Park is regularly patrolled by police and staff and persons violating the closure risk being cited for trespassing.

Would-be campers and non-residents should not attempt to enter the community. Note that provincial and federal parks are also closed until a minimum of May 31st. We know that this is disappointing to every supporter of our Park, and lovers of the great outdoors, but we advise people to stay home, at their primary residence, until we all receive official medical guidance that it is safe to move about again.