Council Calls on Community to Help Reduce Litter

The Chief and Council are dismayed at the amount of trash that has started collecting in our common areas. Litter is scattered along our beaches, piling up in our ditches, and spoiling the environment around landmarks like the dock and lighthouse. Garbage can even be found lining popular trails.

Discarding trash on the ground, especially in common areas, is not acceptable to any of us. Neyaashiinigmiing is a stunningly beautiful location, one that we are very grateful to call the home of our First Nation. It is a treasure to our entire membership and there are certainly worse places to ride out a pandemic. We are the stewards of our entire Traditional Territory, but in this place in particular, in our own nest, we need to be more responsible with how we treat our environment. We have always been fierce advocates for the rights of the land, the water, the four winds, and the lives that rely on them all. Let’s keep that powerful tradition in our hearts and be mindful of how lucky we are to call this lovely place home.

In the coming days, we will work towards installing additional signage and new trash receptacles in some of the more popular locations around the community. In the meantime, please do your part and refrain from littering.

Help us keep Neyaashiinigmiing clean and beautiful!