Bathymetric Survey to be Conducted for New WTP

As part of the ongoing development of the new Water Treatment Plant (WTP), engineering firm Monteith and Sutherland will be conducting a bathymetric survey of the Bay near the new WTP location. A bathymetric survey gathers water depth information, as well as the contours of the lake bed. The survey will inform the new WTP’s intake location and depth.

Topological Survey Being Conducted for New WTP

JD Barnes will be coming to Nawash for two to three weeks beginning August 24, to survey the areas around the existing booster pump stations, and sections of some roads along the distribution route. The technicians will be collecting topographic information to better inform the new water distribution system design. JD Barnes crew will mark out the pavement on the following roads with water-based survey paint that will wear away in time:

  • Dock Road
  • Boundary Road
  • Pit Road
  • Point Road
  • Lighthouse Road
  • Prairie Road
  • Port Elgin Road

Archaeological Assessment Taking Place as Part of New WTP

A Stage 2 archaeological assessment will be conducted along the distribution system route of the new Water Treatment Plant (WTP). This assessment will require hand excavation of 30 cm deep shovel test pits, and raking along wooded areas, pastures and linear infrastructure corridors. The project team will consist of William Fitzgerald, who has worked with the Saugeen Ojibway Nation for many years, and experienced community archaeological field technicians Adrienne Brennan and Avery Robichaud. The archaeological work is anticipated to take six weeks, beginning the week of August 17.

If you are driving in the community, please be mindful of the assessment staff working on the roadside. The following areas will have archaeological work conducted in the upcoming weeks:

  • Future water treatment plant
  • Access road from Pit Road to the future WTP
  • Pit Road, from Wilmer’s Road to Community Centre Road
  • Wilmer’s Road, from Pit Road to Lighthouse Road
  • Chick’s Road
  • Point Road
  • Dock Road
  • Prairie Road, from Health Centre to 401 Road
  • Link between Prairie Road and Firehall Road
  • Link between Maadookii Crescent and Prairie Road
  • Sandy Beach Road
  • Parts of Port Elgin Road and Boundary Road