In 1997 the population of individuals residing on the Chippewas of Nawash reserve was 700. The population is roughly the same in 2000. The Band role however has approximately 2080 on the list.

Land Base

A reserve is a land set aside for the entire Band Membership. Some lots are generally issued a Certificate of Possession (C.P.) as legal evidence of allocation. At one point in time the legal instrument of allocation was a Certificate of Location or Location Ticket. Consequently, C.P. holders are sometimes referred to archaically as locatees. Land not allocated is usually referred to as unallocated lands or Band lands in some cases. However, all land forming a reserve is ultimately communal in nature.

Total land base for Neyaashinigming Indian Reserve No. 27 is 6,253 hectares or about 15,451 acres. Band lands are estimated at 4,035 hectares (64%) while allocated lands are about 2,218 hectares (36%). The bluffs entering the reserve dominate the boundary with Albemarle Township and occupy a significant 607 hectares (1,500 acres). The bluffs are surrounded by a rocky talus and drops down to a flatter plain which then descends to the lower community leading toward Little North Bay and the Lighthouse. The peninsula-shaped nature of the land base makes a shoreline of approximately 48 km (30 miles) along Georgian Bay.