Bruce Power Monitoring

In 2003, The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) approved the Environmental Assessment (EA) for the restart of Bruce A Units 3 & 4. As part of their decision, the CNSC required that a Follow-up Monitoring program be implemented and that the First Nations be involved in the development and implementation of the program. The EA follow-up Monitoring Program activities involve: 1. studying the effects of the thermal plume on spawning habitat; and 2. discrimination of whitefish populations in the waters adjacent to Bruce Power. Sampling activities include impingement and entrainment monitoring of whitefish at the Bruce A facility.In 2006, the CNSC formally accepted the results and conclusions of the Units 3 & 4 Follow-Up Monitoring. Saugeen Ojibway biologists continue to take an active role in Bruce Power's ongoing envirionmental monitoring program.

Forebay at Bruce A

EA Follow-up Monitoring: Larval Entrainment Sampling

We periodically sample the forebay at Bruce A for entrained larval fishes. To sample the forebay, a 3 inch hose is fixed to a pump which sucks water from the forebay through a plankton net. Very small plankton including planktonic larval fishes are captured in the net and can subsequently be identified and sampled.

Samping Impinged Fishes

Impingement Sampling