Jan 7, 2022: Updates: Nawash Health Centre & Nawash Board of Education

January 7, 2022

Important Notice

Nawash Health Centre Services

Available through till January 24, 2021

With the rise of COVID cases in the community all band buildings have been closed till January 24, 2022. This situation is being monitored daily.

Chief and Council have directed that all band buildings be closed.  The health center will be closed and the doors will be locked.  Phones will be answered between 8:30 and noon and noon until 4:30. Due to the decrease of staff in the building, we may not be able to answer the phones immediately.  Please leave a message., including a call back number.

HCC – Providing Personal Care only at this time.  HCC Administrator Norma Tobey Working Remotely 519-374-4178.  The HCC phone number will not be answered or monitored.  Please contact Norma Tobey or the health center’s main line (519) 534-0373

Medical Transportation – Call Health Centre 534-0373 to book a ride 48 hours before your appointment.  Med Trans lines are not being monitored.  Call 911 in case of emergency.

Medicine Pick up and Delivery – Medications are being delivered to the Health Centre on Thursdays and will be delivered to the homes on Friday.  Please contact the Health Center before 11:00 on Thursday if you need your medications picked up.

Nursing Services – Flu Shots and other vaccines available with an appointment.

SOAHAC –  The Nurse Practitioner, Kelsey Young with be at the Health Centre on Mondays and Thursdays (starting January 13th).  SOAHAC will contact you with instructions for your appointment.  If you wish to make an appointment, you are required by calling SOAHAC at (519) 376-5508.

Good Food Box – these resources will be transferred to the Food Bank for this period to enable the Food Bank to have fresh fruits and vegetables.

Cheques can be picked up at the Health Centre between 2:30 and 4:00 on Fridays.  Please call us when you arrive and we will meet you at the door with your cheque.  If you are without at cell phone, please call before you leave and let us know at what time you will be at the health center.


Contact Information:

Health Centre     –                                                            519-534-0373

Cynthia Porter, Health Manager –                            Cell #519-374-7861

Spring-Dawn Akiwenzie-Cook, CHN –                    Cell # 519-378-6028 

Norma Tobey, HCC Administrator –                         Cell # 519-374-4178

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