Water Meter Survey Being Distributed for new WTP

The WTP is seeking feedback from community members on having water meters installed, they will be used to help identify leaks within the water distribution line and any leaks that may occur within your household. A lot of the original Water mains are farm grade, which cannot sustain the new pressures of the new Water Treatment Plant. The Water Meters will help with identifying if the leak will be in your household or the water main. There will be absolutely no costs associated with the installation of the water meters. Water Treatment Staff will be accompanying qualified technicians when they are installing the water meters.

The survey will be distributed throughout the community and can be downloaded for print here. Completed surveys can be dropped off at the band office.

If you have any questions, , please contact the Capital Department at:

William Jones, Capital Manager Email: Capital@gbtel.ca

Caleb Keeshig, Capital Assistant Email: Capitalassistant@gbtel.ca

Phone: 519-534-3266

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