Register for Community Solidarity Day Event

To celebrate Solidarity Day, we are hosting a 5 KM Colour-walk through Cape Croker Park, on Friday June 18, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Pre-register for this fun and free event to receive a complimentary white tee-shirt, sunglasses, and colourful, non-toxic Holi powder. The Holi powder is to scatter on yourself and other walkers, turning participants in living decorations!

The event observe COVID-19 protocols, safely separating participants for this healthy outdoor activity with pre-scheduled start times for walkers. We’ve also reserved some timeslots for those that prefer to drive the course, or ride in the Home and Community Care bus.

Other activities at the Colour-walk will include Creative sign-making, a Nawash Trivia game, a Nawash Seniors Guess Who game, and recognition of special achievements by participants, including:

  • Best dressed Team
  • Best Dressed Individual
  • Best Decorated Car or Vehicle
  • Youngest Participant to complete the walk
  • Oldest Participant to complete the walk

Today, June 14, is the last day to register! For more details, and to register, call Social Services at 519-534-3753, or Journey Together at 519-534-3909.

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