June is Seniors Month in Ontario

June is Seniors Month in Ontario. The theme of Seniors Month this year is “Stay safe, active and connected“. While we always cherish our seniors, Seniors Month is a great time to acknowledge, support and celebrate the seniors in your life even more. Take some time from your schedule to help out a senior member of your family, or a senior friend. Prepare a meal and deliver it to a senior, or drop off a little token of appreciation for them.  Assist a senior with small chores like cutting grass, cleaning a garden, painting, etc.

During the pandemic, safety is paramount when it comes to our seniors, who can face serious consequences from COVID-19. While the Provincial Stay-at-Home order forbids gathering with anyone you don’t live with, the health directives do allow you to gather with one other person that lives alone. (Conversely, if you live alone, you can have close contact with only one other household.) If this describes a senior that you know, consider stopping by for a physically-distant visit, inviting them for a walk outdoors, or taking them for a ride if they are in your social bubble. Wear a facemask and stay safe at all times.

We hope the Stay-at-Home order is lifted soon. In the meantime, there are still many ways we can show our seniors how much we appreciate all they’ve contributed to our lives and community!

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