National Census – Finish Yours On Time

May 11, 2021 is Census Day. That is the day by which everyone should be completing their Census. This year, every household will receive an invitation to complete the Census online. The invitation to complete the Census should be received between May 3, 2021 and May 10, 2021.

In the Grey Bruce area, Canada Post will be delivering the invitations to some households, while Statistics Canada has hired enumerators to hand deliver the invitations to households where Canada Post is not confident in their ability to deliver based on addressing.

After Census Day (May 11, 2021), Statistics Canada will determine which households have completed the Census online and which households have outstanding surveys.

Then, in late May to early June, census enumerators will reach out to homes where the Census was not completed.

In order to reduce the number of households that require follow up, please complete your Census online when it is received.

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