Spring Driving Tips

Driving Safety

With the early signs of Spring weather approaching and drier road conditions, there is a tendency for driving speeds to increase within the community. The warmer weather also brings an increase of pedestrians of all ages on our roadways, including children and elders using slow moving mobility scooters.

It is especially important to reduce speeds in poor road and lighting conditions. Be mindful of pedestrians walking along the roadway, who can be difficult to see. Cyclist and pedestrians are encouraged to have portable lights and wear bright clothing or reflective markings after dark.

The absence of sidewalks in the community presents an increased safety risk. Be alert and drive responsibly for the safety of yourself and others.

Speeding. What’s It Worth To You?

Even modest speed decreases can significantly reduce your risk of a collision or loss of control.  It is estimated that the required stopping distance at 50 km/hr can be 12-14 metres shorter than at 60 km/hr. Your stopping distance increases with higher speeds as well as poor road conditions such as snow, rain or even gravel. Speeding also hits your pocketbook. It increases your fuel consumption, brake and tire wear as well as other mechanical components of your vehicle.

The Highway Traffic Act of Ontario governs the rules of the road, including speeding, and it is enforceable within Neyaashiinigmiing. Our police officers will be conducting increased radar enforcement within the community in an effort to reduce speeding and increase the safety of our roadways. A speeding ticket fine for going 20 km/h over the speed limit is $95.00, plus three demerit points and an increase in your auto insurance rate.

Other Penalties You May Not Know

  • Speeding tickets have penalties that can last for 3 years or more.
  • Insurance rates – Each conviction increases insurance rates!
    • 1st speeding conviction: 10% increase
    • 2nd speeding conviction: 25% increase
    • 3rd speeding conviction: 100% increase
  • Demerit points
    • Speeding tickets over 15 km/hr have demerit points
    • Accumulating demerits causes licence suspensions
  • Employment
    • Many employers have restrictions for convictions and driving records
  • Suspensions
    • For novice drivers (G1 and G2 Drivers), any ticket for 30 km/hr or more over the limit has a 30 day licence suspension

Stunt Driving

Section 172 of the Highway Traffic Act sets out the offences of Stunt Driving/Racing. Offences under this section include any operation of a vehicle 50 km/hr or more above the speed limit. This offence carries serious immediate penalties, including an immediate 7-day driver’s licence suspension and 7-day vehicle impoundment at the owners/drivers expense. If convicted, you may face a fine of $2000 to $10,000, including any additional term of licence suspension.

Let’s all make an effort to be respectful and courteous of everyone using the roadways. Responsible driving starts with you. Slow down and be safe.

Vince Wurfel
Neyaashiinigmiing First Nation Police

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