Ontario Financial Support for Young Learners

With the ongoing pandemic putting financial strain on many Ontarians, the Ontario government is offering financial support to parents and caregivers of children to offset increased educational costs.

The program offers families $200 for each child, ages 0 – 12 years, and $250 for each child with special needs, ages 0 – 21 years. School enrollment is not a factor. All children are eligible, based on age, even if they are in daycare, homeschooled, or just staying home during the pandemic.

Details of the program, and the online application form, are available here.

The application deadline is January 15, 2021.

Note that when completing the application for children attending Kikendaasogamig Elementary, or other First Nations school, choose the option:

  • My child is not enrolled in either public or private school

You will then be given the option to select:

  • My child is attending a First Nation operated or Federally-operated school
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