MRP Committee Seeks Input on Proposed Matrimonial Real Property Law

Unfortunately, relationships sometimes break down into violence or abuse. Our own Matrimonial Real Property law can help protect the interests of those involved. Find out how we can do it our way, with our own law.

The Matrimonial Real Property Law committee is interested in your input.  Please contact Nuala Robinson at 519-534-1689 extension 225, or by cell at 519-374-4310, to arrange a lunch-and-learn MRP presentation for your staff group or a personal MRP presentation for your family group.  As the current Covid-19 restrictions allow for gatherings of only 10 indoors, participation is limited to 8 individuals (plus Nuala and one committee member).

Get more information about the proposed Matrimonial Real Property Law, and the survey we’re conducting to gather feedback on it, on the Matrimonial Real Property Law page.

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