Fisheries Assessment Program Launches New Research Initiative

The Chippewas of Nawash Fisheries Assessment Program is pleased to announce a partnership with Parks Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry in conducting important research. Later this year, a Together with Giigoonyag Committee will be formed. The committee, composed entirely of SON community members, will provide direction and inform the research process. Here are some of the upcoming projects and their planned years of operation:

Radio Telemetry (2020-2025)
– To track and understand movements of whitefish and lake trout.

Addressing Fish Stocking (2020-2025)
– To address the issues surrounding fish stocking and determine the SON’s goals and objectives.

Whitefish Habitat and Shoal Assessment (2020-2025)
– To gauge the status of whitefish habitat and spawning shoals.

Indicator Monitoring and Index Netting (2020-2025)
– To develop indicators to assess and monitor fish species of interest.

Indigenous Ecological Knowledge Interviews (2021)
– To investigate the SON’s collective knowledge of whitefish and lake trout.

Whitefish Larval Assessment (2021-2025)
– To assess and monitor whitefish larvae.

For more information, please contact Ryan Lauzon or Alexander Duncan of the Chippewas of Nawash Fisheries Assessment Program.

Fisheries Assessment Biologist
Ryan Lauzon
Tel: 519-375-1012

Fisheries Research Coordinator
Alexander Duncan
Tel: 226-668-5221

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