Safe Use Of The Government Dock At Neyaashiinigmiing

The Neyaashiinigmiing Dock is for use by all community members and community fishermen are welcomed. The following are some principles for safe use of the Government Dock by all.

 1.     No welding at dock.

2.     Vehicles may drive onto the dock to service vessels, but please park the vehicles off the dock to allow access for other community members.

3.     Fish offal is not to be left onboard and should be dumped in the designated area on Prairie Road.

4.     Fish offal or bilge water should not be dumped within 2 kilometers of the water intake to avoid contamination of the Nations water supply.

5.     All fishing gear is to be kept off the dock in the designated area. This is of strongest concern during the warm weather when members are swimming

6.     Swimmers need to be aware that there is a strong current, at times similar to a rip tide. Swimmers should use caution and not swim alone.

7.     Please keep boat launch clear unless launching or retrieving a vessel to allow others to use it.

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