Grocery Gift Card Program Expanded to International Members

The Coldwater Trust Board has expanded the Grocery Gift Card program to now include all Chippewas of Nawash member households worldwide. Canadian members applying under the program will continue to receive a $150 grocery gift card, valid at many Canadian stores. It would be logistically challenging, however, to provide an equivalent gift card in the many places that our members live. International members will instead receive a transfer of funds equivalent to $150 CAD in their local currency.

The application process and limitations remain the same for all members. This is a one-time benefit that may only be claimed by ONE member per household.

Gift cards for Canadian members will be sent by regular mail. International members will be contacted by the Coldwater Trust manager to arrange a transfer once their applications have been approved.

As the pandemic persists, we are concerned about the health and well-being of all our members, wherever they live. We urge all member households that haven’t yet taken advantage of this great benefit to apply today.

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