Home is School is Home

We’re all spending a lot of time during this pandemic at home with Netflix and baking, and likely running out of other things to do. Why not try one of literally hundreds of free online courses that institutions and companies have made available for free?

Before you jump in, start with a couple of short programs from Humber College and Carleton University, about how to successfully complete an online course, where you are the only one responsible for your time and focus.  Successful students don’t forget to be mindful of their own mental health needs as well, as this course on self-care and resilience from Laurier University teaches.

Then consider surfing over to Coursera.org, where you can sign up for free, and search almost 2000 free courses, ranging from cooking to computers, psychology to sewing. Duolingo offers free language classes so you can express your desire to get out of the house in 35 different languages. Want to study at Harvard? You can do that. Yale? Sign me up. MIT? Think big!

With your new found skills, plus the ones you already have, you may want to start your own business to capitalize on your hard work. Check out McMaster University’s free course on how to Be Your Own Boss.

The Adult Learning Centre wants to remind you that with the vast reach of the Internet, knowledge is just a few clicks of a mouse or taps of a screen away! Make your time at home more interesting and more productive while we wait for the world to re-open.

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