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We are all a little nervous about getting sick with the COVID-19 virus, particularly with all of the rumors and misinformation circulating in the community. I would like to help put your mind at ease.

People get sick, whether it’s with allergies, asthma, cold/flu or an exacerbation of a chronic illness. I know that when you hear that someone is “sick” the first reaction is to think of the coronavirus, but not everyone seeking medical advice, going to the hospital or out by ambulance has COVID-19.

Please, try not to become anxious when someone is needing to look after their health.

In the event that someone in the community tests positive for COVID-19, the Community Health Nurse (CHN), SpringDawn Keeshig, will be notified by Grey/Bruce Health Unit. She will share that there is a positive case in the community, with no other details. At this time, there is no one in Neyaashiinigmiing who has tested positive for COVID-19.

You can protect yourself by continuing to remain 6 feet/2 meters away from others and washing your hands often.

Please respect everyone’s right to confidentiality by not following the ambulance that comes into the community, gossiping about other people’s health or asking questions from health care professionals that cannot be answered.

It is the Health Centre’s mission to support the community’s health and safety, and our goal to keep everyone informed with the most current health information available to us.

Stay strong!  You can help stop the spread of COVID-19.  Together, we can do this.

Thank you,
Cynthia Porter, Reg. Nurse

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