Vehicles Required to Come to a Complete Stop at Monitoring Station

In response to the worsening COVID-19 pandemic, access to the reserve is restricted, by a Band Council Resolution, to residents and essential services only. The Sydney Bay Road was closed, and a monitoring station put in place at the Coveney’s Road entrance to ensure that residents are complying with the restricted access direction. 

The Chief and Council are gravely concerned that some community members are not stopping at the monitoring station on Coveney’s Road when entering Neyaashiinigmiing, and instead speeding by the monitors or merely slowing down to wave. This moving traffic is dangerous for the monitors, who work alongside the road performing an essential service for the community. It is also dangerous to the community as a whole if vehicles are not stopping because they are bringing non-residents into the community, who may potentially be carrying the virus.

All drivers are reminded that they must come to a complete stop when entering the community and identify themselves and their passengers to the monitors. Drivers that do not stop may face a fine. 

We understand that this is an inconvenience of a minute or so, but it is just one of the necessary measures being implemented by the Chief and Council to keep the community safe. For the sake of all our relations, we must isolate the community as much as possible to reduce the risk of the virus gaining a foothold in the community.

Please do your part! 

  • Practice social distancing; do not gather.
  • Hand wash frequently.
  • Stay home except for essential trips.
  • Utilize the Food Bank.
  • Do not bring non-residents into the community.
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